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Electric Zoo Festival kicks off with tight security in New York City

Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last year, deadly drug overdoses at the annual Electric Zoo music festival resulted in the cancellation of the event's final day. This year, thousands of ravers arrived on Randalls Island over Labor Day Weekend greeted by drug-sniffing dogs and a significant police presence.

The security measures did not prevent drugs from entering the gates entirely, however the attendees appeared to be more cautious. The festival appeared to be safer than last year. There were few arrests and medical emergencies. The event was shortened due to inclement weather. Party-goers tweeted their frustrations as they were exiting the gates. This was the second year in a row that the show's final night had been cancelled. Some of the artists posted their disappointment as well.

On the fields below where the gates where, drugs remained a part of the concert's experience. Young people have died from overdoses from MDMA, methylone and other synthetic party drugs at electronic music events around the United States. The promoters of Electric Zoo, Mike Bindra and Laura de Palma, were under a proverbial microscope after last years deaths of Jeffrey Russ, 23, and Olivia Rotondo, 20.

As the three-day event began on Friday and the attendees were full of good spirits. The 5-year-old Electric Zoo has become quite popular on electronic dance scene.