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Electric Vehicles are here to stay in India

Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles

The revolution of driving an Electric Vehicle or EV has touched the Indian roads in large numbers these days. Several companies are manufacturing these vehicles to cater to the needs of Indian consumers. The reason why these vehicles are getting so popular is because EVs are eco friendly and guarantee returns in the long run. Apart from manufacturing brand new EV vehicles, there are companies that have developed retro-fitted kits that can convert existing petrol or diesel driven vehicles into hybrid electric vehicles. Main reason why this technology has emerged is because of the rising fuel prices. Furthermore, in the long run non-renewable sources of fuel derived from fossil fuels will get depleted and at such junctures these EVs will come to the rescue of the public.

Unlike fuels like petrol and diesel that lead to an increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the air EVs are pollution free because they run on electricity. These battery powered vehicles do not pose any challenge to the atmosphere and also cause no threat to various economies across the globe as they run on power. Neither do they consume on the rare crude oil deposits nor do they need expensive gas pumps to be set up all over the nation. Many companies develop, manufacture and market Electric Vehicles in India at present. Some of these are as follows:

  • Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited is an Indian company that operates out of Bangalore and this company is involved in designing and manufacturing compact electric vehicles especially for the Indian market. The REVAi electric car is now available in 26 countries across the globe.
  • Indian startup EVI or Electric Vehicle India started developing a kit in 2007 has taken the Indian market by storm. This retro fitted kit can convert any existing combustion engine vehicle that runs on petrol or diesel into a hybrid or clean electric vehicle.
  • Chevrolet Electric Vehicle will soon get launched into the Indian market because Indian drivers have become aware about the advantages of EVs and are ready to invest in these clean vehicles.
  • Another popular electric vehicle is the e20. This is also from the Mahindra and Mahindra group.
  • But the EV that has swept customers off their feet in India is the EV range from Polaris India. This range is called the GEM electric vehicle. The EVs from the off road vehicle giant go by the names E2, E4, and E4S. These vehicles run on 72-Volt Battery System and have an onboard charger. Most of them are covered under a 2 year vehicle protection plan. Besides they have a very light body because the aluminum frame is sturdy and light offering. The EV from Polaris has an advanced suspension with a 4-wheel braking system. Besides there are 3 point seat belts that offer extra protection to the driver and the passengers.

EVs serve as a perfect valet parking vehicle and thereby make customer service easy. Besides they also serve as efficient parking enforcement and security patrol vehicles and can also be used by police and defence forces. EVs are also public safety patrol vehicles that can be used within campuses. Neighbourhood commuting is also made easy with them. All in all electric vehicles or EVs are the next generation cars that the public will use for commuting on Indian roads.

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