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Electric Run featured on 'The Bachelor' 2014: How can you go on your own?

Electric Run
Electric Run
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Tonight on "The Bachelor" 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis and Kat Hurd had their first one on one date. On this Jan. 13 episode, the couple went to Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in Electric Run. As everyone watched this show, they thought about how fun it would be to do it. How can you do your own?

Electric Run is a fun event that happens all over the country. Their website reveals dates and locations. You can sign up to do your own. They look like a lot of fun as you wear flashy clothes and listen to great music for the entire race. It is a great way to stay in shape because you will want to prepare for it, but then have a blast when you go and do it. It was so popular tonight that it was hard to get on their website, but keep trying and they will get it going again.

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