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'Electric hen' brings ease to brooding chicks

This 'electric hen' brings ease and efficiency to brooding chicks
This 'electric hen' brings ease and efficiency to brooding chicks

Well, someone finally did it.

Brinsea has gone and made a product that eliminates half of the negative aspects of brooding chicks, and that's going to make henthusiasts deliriously happy, concurrently making the population of suburban chickens explode.

Understand, raising chicks is a dusty, messy, troublesome effort, and it's dangerous, to boot! The clamp-lamp with a 250 watt infra-red bulb is generally precariously attached with poor security. They're not designed to be used on plastic bins and cardboard boxes full of combustible materials at close range...but that's the way it has always been done! There hasn't been an alternative until now- save driving in screws around the clamp to prevent a fall, which safety advocates recommend strongly. Few affordable alternatives exist for keeping a brooder its required temperature.

The solution, which your bank and spouse will likely wish you hadn't seen:

Presenting the Brinsea Eco-Glow.

Reviews often fall unenthusiastically from columnists' fingers, but this electric hen is the answer many have prayed for!

It has three height adjustments and uses a mere 18 watts of power. A brooder could have several of these within at different heights for different comfort zones- and completely eliminate the risk of a lamp falling and starting a fire. The power consumption will pay for the product in no time at all! The chicks get the natural action of going under to warm and pop out when they're ready to explore again.

It is standalone, so it can be easily removed to clean the bedding, and it is easy to clean- crucial.

The downside is that one can't see the chicks when they're under it, and Brinsea will definitely need to consider making a clear unit to remedy that, because who doesn't want to see the cute fuzzy babies? Further, Brinsea will want to consider an optional dome for it, as it quickly becomes a launch-pad for those chicks quick who aspire to greater activity. This sort of use renders it...well, DIRTY- shall we say?

This reviewer is sold, suspecting others will be quite quickly as well. Now: prepare for the repercussions, as chicken math is about to increase the size of many flocks! Without as many negative aspects to raising chicks, what's to stop henthusiasts from getting ever still more??


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