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Electric fireplaces


Electric fireplace insert

Fireplaces and winter go together--but what if you don't have a fireplace or perhaps there is no gas piped to the fireplace.  Maybe you want to consider an electric fireplace which has all the pluses of a real fireplace, but none of the mess and expense.  They are available as a complete fireplace or the firebox insert only.  This model is an electric firebox insert.  A remote control will instanly activate or stop the "fire".  Some models also have heater fans with several heat settings.  This unit has LED lights which fade in and out to simulate burning wood.  Other advantages include:

  1. No more costly firewood to stack and keep dry
  2. No more removing the burned ash and mess this causes inside the home
  3. No more costly gas bills from using gas logs or using gas in addition to wood
  4. No more concern about leaving simmering coals
  5. With the electric fireplace "fire" can instanly be turned off or on with a remote contol
  6. With the electric fireplace some have several levels of heat
  7. An electric fireplace can be installed anywhere (bedroom, dining room) there is an electric outlet 

Check with the local home improvement stores or fireplace stores for the latest in electric fireplaces.

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