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Electric company refuses to prioritize family home with infant on life support

This is baby Brielle he was never supposed to make it home. She is a beautiful little girl who has amazed us all. Insurance companies and the electric company refuses to aid the parents in creating a backup plan to keep Briel safe in the face of a power o
Blessings For Brielle/ Facebook

"It's beginning to rain again. I hope the storm isn't as bad as yesterday's. I spoke with PECO (our electric company) and I asked them about a generator, they said no. So I asked them could they flag our house, for if it ever does happen again they can come right out. They said no & that they treat all of their customers the same. I spoke with the insurance company as well, they said they don't know how to help me. This is an important thing to have she your child requires electricity 24/7. I'm not sure who to talk to, but I'm calling our senator tomorrow. Someone has to help me. I don't have the money, and the cheapest generator I see is $329"

This was the post on Facebook found on "Blessings for Brielle" page just a little over 15 hours ago.

This young couple has been battling for their little girl who was never meant to make it for almost a year now. Brielle was born on July 21, 2013, and only recently was released to come home from the hospital.

Brielle is still using a G-tube in life sustaining equipment. Her family cannot afford a generator, and the electric company is refusing to prioritize their home in the event of a power outage.If the family's power goes out for a significant amount of time it could mean devastation for Brielle, and this is especially true of the family cannot make it to a hospital. With the family's car being out of commission over the past few months due to issues with the transmission this is a scenario that could very well turn bad and fast.

Last week the power went out, but they were fortunate enough to have made it through this time because her uncle had a power converter for his car. They were able to run cords into Brielle's window to maintain a charge on her equipment.

With all of the things to worry about as a new mom caring for a special needs child at home now Brielle's Mom, Brittany Pincura, says, "Now, I have to figure out who I have to call to get a generator for the next time this may happen. I don't like having to find a solution to a huge problem in such a short period of time. Everything is good now though, thanks everyone for the prayers."

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If you are interested in making a donation to this family for a generator for Brielle you can go to this link Blessings for Brielle on everribbon.

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