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Elections officials get more time to finish work

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Proposition A, approved by voters Tuesday, 71.63 percent to 28.37 percent, closed open dates elections officials can fail to make voter deadlines. The Mayor, the City Council, and the City Attorney no longer can be sworn in on a date the election results certified by the registrar are not due.

In the past, the certificaiton date 28 days after an election fell on a date a day after the first day the elected officials hold office. The officials now will be sworn in on December 10th. Or, the first regular day following a December 10th weekend or holiday. Officials in office do not end their service until their successor is elected, and qualified to hold office by elections officials.

First Monday in December swearing ins now are history.

Each special election a run-off between the top two vote getters is held, elections officials will hold the run-off election after the last day elections officials can give military voters and overseas voters their ballot, the 45th day. Officials will hold the run-off election as soon as possible. The date can fall on a day as late as 120 days after the special election when a run-off election is held during a municipal or statewide election.

Special elections are elections held spearately from the primary elections and general electons.

The military voters and overseas voters no longer can have too little time to vote by election day, or not get their run-off ballots.

Each electioin day voters in San Diego vote for city councilmembers in council districts 1, 3, 5 and 7, voters in district 9 will vote for the district 9 coouncilmember on that election date. Council terms in the odd numbered district began in 2012.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City COuncil asked voters to hold their election votes, and swear in their elected officials, at times that "protect the right to vote and improve the election process." Jerry Sanders at the Regional Chamber of COmmerce, and, the League of WOmen Voters stood for the public's City Charter amendment.

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