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Elections 2010 Lake County: What the vote means to the community

The 2010 Midterm elections are one of the more important elections in American history. many people do not feel that elections not involving the President are not important enough to participate in. They cannot be more wrong. Every election is important; from the local School Board to the President of The United States. What is more important than participating and voting in elections is understanding who and what we are voting for. The disparity in our government is more apparent now than at any time since the Civil Rights movement; which is why it is vital to understand the candidates and the issues. It seems that our representatives do not represent us. They appear to be representing the Party or the special interest groups that fund their campaign. It is my responsibility to break through the unclear and make it understandable in order to give the people a clear choice on election day.

I will be helping people find polling places, registering to vote, as well as creating a guide for all local races, as well as the major Congressional and Senatorial races. I will be looking at all of the candidates and incumbents, as well posting any relevant campaign commercials, rallies, and speeches.

I look forward to examining any and all 2010 election campaign issues.


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