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Elections 2010: How to register in Fresno County

This year is an election year. Election years seem to be more prevalent then TV award shows, and are frequently less exciting. Who wants to waste their time to vote?

Voting is a privilege that far too many ignore. Only recent elections such as the 2000, 2004, and 2008 have bucked the trend of dismal numbers of registered voters actually voting, and those numbers are attributed to the rock star qualities and blockbuster emotions that those past elections have wrought.

There is a way to be excited to exercise the privilege that the founding fathers sought to bestow on the American people, a way to energize yourself and others to shed the indifference to the political process and take part in the spirited debates and discussions about pivotal issues and juicy controversies.

The very first thing to do is register to vote. According to the Fresno County Voter Registration Guide, you should register to vote if: you have never registered before, have changed place of residence since last registering (moved), wishes to change political party or party affiliation, or have changed names since last registering. Registering, or re-registering, is easy and can be done from the convience of home or work at the Fresno County website.

There are people besides those who fall into the “should” category of potential voters, and those are ones who may register to vote. Those people should be all of the following: anyone who is a United States citizen, a resident of Fresno County, is or will be 18 years of age by the next election, and is not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.

Registering to vote is only the first step in taking part of the privilege of voting, and voting itself has a payoff of just more than the “ I voted” sticker one receives


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