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Election proposals move ahead for November election

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
City Administration Building at 202 C Street. City Clerk Office location.

The new election cycle ending on November 4th calls up an opportunity for San Diegans to submit ballot proposals. Proposals are sent to the City Clerk at 202 C Street in downtown San Diego.

A city council committee reviews the proposals to make sure the proposals only state a plain San Diego position.

Proposals the committee agrees on go to the city council for approval for the ballot. The City Attorney puts the proposal in an ordinance the council reads.

Votes get counted on the approved ordinance the City Clerk sends to the Registrar of Voters. The election vote makes a yes or no decision on a San Diegan's proposal permanent.

Former District 2 councilman Kevin Faulconer's election to the Mayor's office did not change the numbers on the city council for the November election season. Monday, the council appointed Edward B. Harris to the District 2 office, and, swore in the new councilmember.

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