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Election manipulation by editorial

On Monday, April 11, 2011, I was one of 41 District residents arrested for protesting in front of a Senate office building the injustice of the lack of full home rule, full voting representation, and complete self-determination respected by the Congress of the United States. Securing the right to vote for minorities and women caused many people to engage in acts of civil disobedience and for many courageous people to sacrifice their lives.

There are certain acts of principles and consciences which rise above party affiliation or social status and position.

The right to vote and to choose who our elected leaders should not give way to cynicism and apathy.

Those of us in the District of Columbia who know the power of the vote must stand and demand complete voting rights and stand to protect the limited voting rights we now hold.

This is why the coordinated effort between Ms. Jo-Ann Armao, Washington Post District editorial writer and Mr. Ronald Machen, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia (neither are residents of the District) to circumvent the decision making prerogatives of District voters must be resisted.

Their principle fight against “official corruption” is called into question with selective leaks and refusal to treat all political beneficiaries of Mr. Jeffrey Thompson equally.

The court documents in the Thompson Information assert a wide financial web in campaign support. Yet the omission to cry out all names with equal indignation reflects a particularized agenda and shows intellectual arrogance and duplicity on the part of Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen.

Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen must not feel free to use intimidation and fear and be overseers of the right to vote by the people of the District of Columbia. There has been an adage prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich. But in this instance there is not any meat which is causing Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen to offer a sandwich dressed with smear and spiced to cause personal humiliation.

The people of the District of Columbia do not get their right to vote by permission of Ms. Armao or Mr. Machen.

The people of the District of Columbia do not have to perform voter intelligence poll check in with Ms. Armao or Mr. Machen.

The people of the District of Columbia should not have their voting process manipulated through the editorial misrepresentations of Ms. Armao and a nose led federal prosecutor.

The concept that Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen are the supreme watchmen for District voters is ridiculous, dangerous and must be turned back. By their acts, Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen have displayed an allegiance not to people or a commitment to a principle, but rather fidelity to power and a faithfulness to intellectual deception.

As a District Democrat I recognize the real strategy of Ms. Armao is not only toward voter suppression against Mayor Vincent C. Gray, but also to alter the political affiliation of a majority of District registered voters.

In the face of this coordinated campaign to make brittle of the District Democratic party requires District Democrats to stay focused.

As a retired military veteran and community activist, I understand being willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for others. I believe in public service. I believe in holding people accountable. I do not stand against good government or demands for ethical government officials.

However, I do not place my commitment to honest and open government second to Ms. Armao or to Mr. Machen. Unlike Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen I do not believe in a double standard of justice or due process.

I will always rebel against the insidious shenanigans of a newspaper editorial board and an out of control federal prosecutor attempting to stand wrongfully for me at the ballot box.

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