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Election Day is really all about you so make it count

Dear registered voter, I'm writing this article as a tribute to you as election day draws near. As you make your way to your local polling place tomorrow I want you to recognize the fact that the electoral process is what really makes you special; you've earned your right to vote, something countless of others lost their lives for while never seeing that dream become a reality.

So make it count. Whether you're a Romney supporter or Obama or neither, you've earned this right to vote as a citizen of the greatest country in the world. Your right to vote is much more than a privilege; it defines who you are as an individual, a singular entity with all encompassing worldly views. The leadership you choose to elect tomorrow are much more than political representatives; they are the chosen dignitaries inherent in your belief system.

Essentially, they are what makes you: you. So remember this after you've turned in that ballot. No matter who you've chosen to elect, this election is all about you.

Aren't they all?


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