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Election Day 2010: More signs mean more to clean up



  • Hal Brown 6 years ago

    Every time I see a 'sign farm' I silently curse whoever planted the seeds. It seems like with American politics, the thought process is, whoever can yell the loudest, visually or verbally, will win.

    This makes me wonder, does someone see a sign and think, Wow! I was going to vote for X. Not any more. I saw the sign and I'm voting for Y.

    Thanks for a good laugh and reminder of how silly and sad politics can be.

  • Sol Bleiweis 6 years ago

    Mari, as usual you come up with interesting commentary on our political system. I agree the signs are as bad as our politicians.

  • Paige Taylor 6 years ago

    Mari made me laugh! This is so true!

  • Randy Murray 6 years ago

    When I retire, I'm going to buy a pickup and run around picking up all of the signs I see on public property and stuck to poles!

  • Holly Nagel 6 years ago

    I enjoyed this article about political signage and couldn't agree more. Apathy toward the election process is certainly seen with the lack of imagery, just a sea-of-same, average, status quo.

    Using the hurdle idea, perhaps interest would grow if the politicians had to jump over the signs.

    With regards to color, I'm also familiar with Pantone's choice this year. Personally, I love it, it is one of my faves, but highly doubt the majority of politicians want to be even a remote metaphor for 'compassion, healing, faith and truth'.

    Yes, I see the apathy in political signage design and....oh, look, there are still a dozen of them on my corner!

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