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Election 2012: Can the U.S. economy be fixed?

Election 2012: Are the divisions in our nation too deep to support a constructive plan for economic recovery?
Election 2012: Are the divisions in our nation too deep to support a constructive plan for economic recovery?

The 2012 Presidential Election is upon us, and the candidates are lining up in surprisingly high numbers to take a stand and make their case as to why they should be chosen as the next President of the United States.

Our nation is currently faced with a seemingly large number of extraordinary challenges…wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, border security, social security, welfare, healthcare and the “on again-off again” job market – just to name a few.

However, the number one challenge that consistently looms above our heads and remains at the forefront of debate during this election cycle is the U.S. economy.

We as Americans have once again affirmed for ourselves (and for the rest of the world) that the barrier hindering our continued growth, prosperity and success as a nation is the economy. With this in mind, you can rest assured that our current field of 2012 presidential candidates will use this issue as the primary platform for their respective campaigns.

Our inability as a nation to maintain a stable economy dates all the way back to the late 1700’s – an era that not only saw some of the worst human rights violations ever committed in the history of mankind; but a time where we saw the beginning of the formation of our deepest divisions as Americans.

Since the 18th Century, we have yet to devise a strategy that will stimulate sustainable fiscal growth, reduce our national debt and streamline our economy.

It also doesn’t help our cause that we continue to remain so deeply divided across all political, religious, ethnic and racial lines.

Without developing any strategies to address and eliminate the deep divisions that exist within our nation, how can we expect to continue making progress and enjoying the benefits of the freedoms we have as Americans?

Additionally, if we have continuously been incapable of fixing our economy since the 18th Century, what is “magically” going to make the difference in the year 2012?

Division has been one of the scathing traits of our behavior that has restricted us from reaching our full potential as a nation; a nation that is supposed to represent the best of what democracy and life in the “free world” have to offer.

Without eliminating the division, we do not have the necessary foundation established to even begin trying to solve our common problems.

At some point, we all have to look at one another and realize that our ultimate success as Americans (and as human beings) lies in our collective efforts towards reaching our common goals – not in our personal agendas.

To resolve the issues that we have with our economy (if resolve is even possible), we must first eliminate the fruitless practices and ineffective ideologies that keep us divided.

If neither President Obama, the presidential candidates of 2012 nor the people of this nation make the elimination of division and the creation of a cooperative environment in America the priority, then we may risk placing ourselves in a position where tangible progress on the growth of our economy becomes almost impossible to achieve.


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