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Election 2010 - You decide - Anoka County Commissioner Robyn West


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This information is taken from a questionnaire sent to all candidates and incumbants running for election in Anoka County.

Robyn West was elected as an Anoka County Commissioner in 2006 for District 3 that encompasses parts of Blaine, Fridley and Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.. West is seeking her second term.

West considers herself to have a conservative perspective. She ran for election in 2006 because she was not happy with the county commissioners asking the State of Minnesota to remove the referendum on the county so the commissioners could raise the county sales tax in order to fund a football stadium for the Vikings. West believes in lower taxes and government being efficient. West believes in limited government, having only a role for roads and bridges, public safety, libraries, parks and certain social services.

There were many questions regarding immigration, education, conservation, public land use and fees and environmental issues in which West did not answer on the questionnaire giving the reason " I didn't answer most questions that do not pertain to the office I hold."

West's opponent Mike Bourke as of today has not responded to the questionnaire.



Connie Zabinski - Government Waste Examiner has extended an invitation to all candidates seeking office to submit a statement of candidacy.  Therefore, the posting of a candidate's statement does not mean that  Connie Zabinski - Government Waste Examiner nor endorses or even agrees with the views of the candidate.




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