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Election 2010: Which candidates support your gun rights?

GRNC's "Remember in November" gives you objective evaluations of which candidates will support the Second Amendment.
GRNC's "Remember in November" gives you objective evaluations of which candidates will support the Second Amendment.
Photo courtesy of Grass Roots North Carolina

Politicians you’ve never heard of will chart your future for the next ten years. Find out which support your gun rights…

Plenty has been written about “Tea Party” and other federal candidates in major races for which positions on Second Amendment issues are well known.

But the reality is that political races – and candidates – you may have never heard of will chart your future. Why? Because in the wake of the 2010 of the 2010 census, states will draw new political districts for both Congress and for state offices. In 36 states (and depending on state constitution), the party that wins control of legislative bodies controls drawing those districts, determining who will dominate power for the next ten years.


To determine which candidates support the Second Amendment, gun owners generally rely on ratings and endorsements by the NRA Political Victory Fund. Unfortunately, the NRA system for rating candidates contains fundamental flaws.

The first is the NRA’s “friendly incumbent” policy, by which it claims to favor incumbents who support gun rights, even over potentially better challengers. The problem is that “friendly” incumbents often aren’t. In what seems to be an attempt to curry favor with likely winners, the NRA awards about a one letter-grade upgrade over what a marginal candidate actually deserves.

Then we have what appear to be “deals” for endorsements. Senator Harry Reid seemed to be on track for one of those deals, until it was shot down by other gun rights activists. In North Carolina, I have seen similar endorsements, including one for then-governor Mike Easley (previously rated “F”) who signed a bill for NRA commemorative license plates and was promptly rewarded with an “A” and endorsement.


Recognizing those flaws, in 1994 Grass Roots North Carolina set about creating an objective candidate evaluation system. With apologies to other states where data is unavailable, GRNC’s “Remember in November” candidate evaluation system factors survey scores, gun-related voting records, bill sponsorship and other measures into a spreadsheet which estimates the percentage of the time a given candidate can be expected to concur with a control group of GRNC’s Life and Benefactor members.

A candidate who agrees at least 90% of the time gets four stars (****), 80% gets three stars (***), 70% gets two stars (**), 60% gets one star (*), and an estimated agreement of less than 60% gets zero stars (0).


GRNC doesn’t make “deals” for ratings: A candidate gets exactly what he or she earns, no more, no less. Over the past 16 years, Remember in November candidate evaluations have proven extraordinarily accurate in predicting how candidates will vote on gun issues and what types of bills they will sponsor. Moreover, politicians know they are being watched and vote accordingly.

The project is massive. In each election year, sophisticated candidate surveys are mailed to 350+ candidates for state and federal office. Voting records, bill sponsorship and a measure called “Bill Support” are compiled for recent legislative sessions and added to data ranging back to 1994.


First, candidate evaluations are available at GRNC’s web site by going to:

From the GRNC site you can download versions sorted three ways:

  • Alphabetically by last name (easiest to use if you don’t know what your district number is);
  • By district number (easiest to compare candidates in a given race); and
  • In a fully formatted and printable brochure, listing 300+ candidates, suitable for widespread distribution. (Note: The full voter guide formats correctly only on 11x17” paper and folds down to brochure size, so you will probably have to download it and take it to an office supply store for printing).

Additionally, this year GRNC will undertake to increase distribution of printed voter guides covering all candidates for state and federal office to 120,000, including mailing 75,000 directly to gun-owning voters across the state. Voter guides will also be distributed via gun shows, gun shops and be volunteers who request them. If you want printed guides for distribution, contact me directly at:


Like other political non-profits, Grass Roots North Carolina maintains a federally-registered political action committee to impact elections. Named the GRNC Political Victory Fund, the PAC conducts independent expenditures for or against candidates in selected races by doing mailings to subsets of its database of 195,000 gun-owning voters, radio spots and sometimes automated phone calls.

Yes, we understand that automated calls can be annoying. But please bear with us: In some cases (particularly large districts), it is the only economical way to get the word out to gun owners who are predisposed to support gun rights but may not know the specifics of a given race.


In this pivotal election year, gun rights supporters must make unprecedented efforts to return the country to constitutional government.

  • SUPPORT GRNC-PVF! More money means more target districts and more pro-gun votes cast. Please donate to GRNC-PVF by CLICKING HERE.
  • CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION: Have you moved? Is your information with the State Board of Elections correct? Check by going to: MY ELECTIONS INFORMATION.
  • DISTRIBUTE REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER VOTER GUIDES: Spread the word far and wide. Again, candidate evaluations are available at:
  • BRING LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE TO THE POLLS: Stick a voter guide into the hands of friends and family, and then drag them to the polls. No excuses!


  • Sawyer 4 years ago

    Voting is too open, allowing far too many people from different districts to vote in other dostricts ans once again in their own district.
    This must be STOPPED ! the BUYING of VOTES must be STOPPED, how can America

  • Sawyer 4 years ago

    Voting is too open, allowing far too many people from different districts to vote in other dostricts ans once again in their own district.
    This must be STOPPED ! the BUYING of VOTES must be STOPPED, how can America

  • Truth and Freedom 4 years ago

    Congressman Heath Shuler is the lead Democratic cosponsor of H.R. 822 (National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act).


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I own a gun since 1982 what's all the commmotion about everyone can't have one. Sense are it no shooting within the city limits became the grave issue with me since 1991 house break arm robbery.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Back to gun control my father had relatives that lived the Wyatt Earp days you don't have to have permission to have a gun.

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