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Election 2010: Green County, Wisconsin

The polling place in Albany Wisconsin
The polling place in Albany Wisconsin
Lori VanNatta

Albany, Wisconsin is a village of about one-thousand people perched on the banks of the Sugar River in Green County in southcentral Wisconsin .

According to Village Clerk Laurie Keepers, in November 2006, in the last mid-term election 349 people voted in the village of Albany.

Wisconsin's uniform polling hours are from 7:00 AM central time to 8:00 PM central time. Around noon today, one-hundred-twenty people had already cast their ballots.

Keepers noted, "We have been constant all day. It has been wonderful, we have more that have voted now then we sometimes have by the middle of the afternoon."

One older gentleman leaving the polls told a friend, "I'll be darned, Ron Johnson called me again, today."

Ron Johnson is the Republican challenger facing Russ Feingold for the United States Senate.


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