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Electing a new U.S. Senator may stem Massachusetts small business bleeding

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Only 30 percent of Massachusetts voters believing that U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D) deserves re-election, and 43 percent believing that someone else deserves a chance, according to a poll by the MassINC Polling Group. That leaves the field wide open for a Republican Senator to seize the seat and bring some fiscal conservatism to Washington, bringing a more pro-jobs, pro-business stance to the chambers

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Brian Herr, a selectman from Hopkinton, is hoping to fill that seat. While he’s socially liberal – as most politicians in the deep blue state of Massachusetts must be in order to have a fighting chance – he believes in reducing the out-of-control government spending that has run rampant in Washington since 2009. Herr wants to eliminate redundant government programs that are the cause of rampant fraud, waste and abuse. Most importantly, with the country facing trillions of dollars in debt, Herr is in favor of a balanced budget amendment.

Herr is an entrepreneur himself. He’s run his own construction business for nearly three decades, seeing firsthand how a struggling economy affects small businesses. Even better, he realizes that raising taxes is not the answer, as small business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as average taxpayers, are the ones that suffer. And Herr is in favor of repealing Obamacare, which has shifted an onerous burden onto businesses that has resulted in layoffs, reduced hours for employees and hiring freezes.

Political experience matters, but so does being a Washington outsider untainted by lobbyists. Herr has held office on a municipal level, cutting government and balancing budgets on a micro scale. For Hopkinton, his hometown, that meant the financial position of the town improved even during a rough economy, with ongoing commercial and industrial development in the town just west of Framingham.

Herr may be a solid choice to replace Markey, despite his liberal leanings. He’s a runner who has completed the Boston Marathon several times, so he shows a lot of drive and discipline. More information about him and his positions can be found on his website.