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Eleanor Clift slammed after saying Amb. Chris Stevens not murdered at Benghazi

While appearing on this weekend's edition of “The McLaughlin Group,” Daily Beast columnist Eleanor Clift claimed that Ambassador Chris Stevens was not murdered in the Benghazi terror attack, but died of smoke inhalation. She further claimed the terror attack was a result of an online video. Clift's comments, Twitchy said Sunday, sparked anger from a number of people.

Liberal columnist says Amb. chris Stevens not murdered at Benghazi
AFP/Getty Images

“Every media organization has investigated this to death,” Clift said. “This animates the right-wing of the Republican Party and I would like to point out ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation in the safe room in that CIA installation."

"I don't think that's a fact, Eleanor," said Susan Ferrechio, chief congressional correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Clift responded by claiming her assertion is "a fact."

"It was a terrorist attack, Eleanor," Pat Buchanan shot back. "He was murdered in a terrorist attack."

Clift then tried to provide cover for the administration by asserting the attack was the result of an obscure online video, a claim that has long since been debunked.

"It was an opportunistic terrorist attack that grew out of that video," she said, parroting White House talking points.

"The video had nothing to do with it," Buchanan responded.

Many conservatives on Twitter slammed the reliably liberal Clift for her comments. Twitchy said it shows that "elites in the mainstream media never pass up an opportunity to further embarrass themselves."

"How does genius Eleanor Clift think the smoke got there to begin with?" one person on Twitter asked. Another person said Clift's remarks illustrate why so many people hate the mainstream media. Others piled on, calling Clift misguided and moronic. One person said her comments show she hates America and is brainwashed.

Tammy Bruce posted a picture of Stevens sans trousers, holding his arm up, and demanded Clift immediately correct herself. The picture, which can also be seen here, would seem to indicate Stevens was still alive after the attack. Some have also said Stevens was raped and tortured after the attack.

"Dying of 'Smoke Inhalation' in #Benghazi involves being alive, stripped naked, & surrounded by terrorists," Bruce tweeted. "Got it."

Video of the heated segment can be seen above.

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