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Elderwood Scion from 'Planechase (2012 Edition)' works fantastic with auras

Elderwood Scion is a new rare creature from "Planechase (2012 Edition)" revealed today in a tweet by @wizards_magic. Elderwood Scion from "Planechase (2012 Edition)" makes fantastic auras like Angelic Destiny simply downright amazing.

Elderwood Scion and friends
Wizards of the Coast
Elderwood Scion art
Wizards of the Coast

Elderwood Scion - 3GW
Creature - Elemental (Rare)
Trample, lifelink
Spells you cast that target Elderwood Scion cost 2 less to cast.
Spells your opponents cast that target elderwood Scion cost 2 more to cast.
The Sunbriar druids believe that every life begins in the heart and ends under its hooves.

Thanks to lifelink, Elderwood Scion can prolong the game buying you valuable time to draw into powerful spells like Increasing Savagery that make a worthy addition to any deck seeking to abuse Elderwood Scion.

Shield of the Oversoul is a natural inclusion for any deck running Elderwood Scion, giving it +2/+2, flying, and making it indestructible.

Elderwood Scion also helps negate Revenge of the Hunted's large casting cost when not played as a miracle, making it a another recent card to consider in your deck.

Another spell that is fantastic with Edlerwood Scion is Might of Oaks, allowing Elderwood Scion to trample over your enemies for the win. Additionally, Monstrify can be played again and again.

How will you use Elderwood Scion from "Planechase (2012 Edition)?" Share your opinions below.

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