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Elderly woman worried about wild animals starving is sent to jail without bail

Woman jailed for feeding black bears
Woman jailed for feeding black bears
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

According to Saturday's CNN News, an elderly woman in Sebring, Fla., who has repeatedly defied wildlife officials, has been sent to jail and she is being held without bond.

Despite Mary Musselman's advanced age...she is 81-years-old, and the fact that her husband is dying of cancer and she is his only care-provider, the authorities have decided that her continual feeding of bears at her home is justification for her to be held behind bars.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials have repeatedly tried to convince Musselman that she cannot feed dog food to the bears that visit her home, but the elderly woman worried that without her help, the bears would starve.

The officials provided her with educational literature and placed her on probation, but Musselman broke the rules, again and again.

Musselman is a former gym teacher and she is described as an avid animal lover, but she apparently does not understand that her good intentions are actually causing harm. One of the bears that she used to feed was destroyed by wildlife officials after it lost its fear of humans.

Musselman is scheduled to appear in court on March 3.

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