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Elderly woman arrested for feeding bears in Florida

An 81-year-old woman was arrested in Florida for feeding bears on her property. According to a video report from Buzz60, the woman repeatedly fed the black bears even after she received a court order to stop doing so. Officials say that this arrest was "a long time coming" and that the woman had previously been warned -- several times -- that her "kind act" of feeding wild animals was actually against the law.

The woman reportedly received "several warnings" and that she was even provided with informational packets that detailed the dangers of feeding wild bears. When she didn't stop, a judge stepped in and told the woman to cut it out... but she didn't listen.

During one of the woman's weekly "check-ups" it was discovered that she was still breaking the law by giving food to the bears. And so she was put on probation and her home was monitored. But guess what? She still fed the bears -- and then she got arrested. It's unclear what punishment she will face.

More on this in the video above.

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