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Elderly, partially blind former service dog surrendered to county animal control

A Shelter Friend FB Page

The non-profit organization, A Shelter Friend, in Elizabethtown, N.C., is scrambling to provide assistance to an elderly Rottweiler who was left at a county animal control facility by his former owner.

On Wednesday morning, the organization posted the following information to their Facebook followers:

This gentle sweet OLD man was a former service dog, who served his disabled human until the day she died, and was left neglected starved, partially blind and now turned in to a shelter to be killed.

According to the non-profit agency, the employees at the county animal control reached out for help after the 14-year-old dog, named "Bruno," was left in their care.

A Shelter Friend wrote:

A shelter Friend Just cannot leave him like this and took him to the Elizabethtown Vet Hospital for care. We have secured a rescue for him and will be transporting him in a couple of weeks when stable.

The volunteer-based organization added:

Even after the neglect, he loves everyone and is a friendly gentle old man who does not deserve to be killed because they now longer had a need for him.

The organization is hoping to raise the necessary funds to help this elderly dog receive all of the veterinary care that he is in need of. Individuals who are interested in making a donation can call the Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital directly at 910-862-3000 or through the non-profit agency's website at

Find A Shelter Friend on Facebook at this link.

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