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Elderly, neglected dog abandoned outside of New York animal hospital

Elderly dog abandoned in New York
Elderly dog abandoned in New York
via NBC New York

According to Tuesday's NBC New York News, an elderly, neglected dog was abandoned in the cold near a veterinary hospital in Manhattan, N.Y., on Sunday.

According to CBS New York, a security camera captured an image of the man who left the senior chow chow tied to a gate outside of a store; the dog was later retrieved and take to the Riverside Animal Hospital for care.

The abandoned 12-year-old dog is in poor condition - according to veterinarians at the hospital, the dog was emaciated, dehydrated and his coat so matted that it took hours to shave the fur away.

The dog is also confused; Georgia Weber, a veterinarian who treated the dog stated:

Then he was sitting crying in a cage here on Sunday just with me, not knowing where he was, not knowing what had happened to him,

“What he does know is he’s been abandoned.

Staff at the facility believes that the man who left the dog behind may have been at a loss over what to do with the dog, but they noted that there are much better options than what was done.

Veterinarian Phillip Raclyn stated:

"There are always options,"

He didn't want to, but there are always options."

Unfortunately, staff at the veterinary hospital does not expect this dog to find a home and a lack of resources to house a senior dog for an extended period of time means that the senior must exit soon.

The hospital is hoping to raise funds to send the senior dog to a sanctuary - otherwise, he will be put down next week.

Anyone hoping to contribute can call: Riverside Animal Hospital at 212-865-2224.

Link to news clip here.

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