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Elderly man told to stop shooting icicles off his house

An elderly man from St. Charles Township, Illinois has been shooting icicles off of his home with his handgun. The man was caught by police who told him to stop using his gun to get the icicles off of the roof. Evidently a neighbor heard gunfire and called police -- which is when they showed up in the neighborhood to find the 80-year-old man holding a 22 revolver.

It is unclear if the man was actually worried that the icicles on his second story roof would fall and injure someone or if he just thought it was fun to shoot the appealing targets -- but he just walked outside with his gun and took aim.

The man wasn't charged but police gave him a stern warning. Media outlets reached out to the man's wife for a comment but she didn't have much to say. It does, however, sound like this was a new hobby for the man as no one reported hearing gunshots in the past. Check out the video above for more.

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