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Elderly man throws hat in Congressional ring wearing women's clothes and heels

 People take part in the LGBT parade during the annual Pride In London parade on June 28, 2014 in London, England.
Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images

So here’s the rub for all you readers who will now nod and think, “yep, only in Los Angeles”, well San Diego in this case. An 88-year-old San Diego man wants to run for Congress on the Republic ticket as a woman. He wants more females represented. He also apparently enjoys dressing in women’s clothes and wearing high heels.

To add insult to injury as it were, Stephen Meade is funning in San Diego’s 51st Congressional District which is 70% Latino, although he doesn’t speak Spanish, and he’s a conservative among an area with more than a two-to-one Democratic constituency. Oh yeah, he is also running against a Latino incumbent, and has no funds for campaigning according to an on-line article in the San Diego Republic.

One couldn’t help but chuckle while reading all that at breakfast this September 1st morning in our Los Angeles Times. It was so bizarre we just had to search Google on line to make sure it wasn’t a joke, it isn’t. Several news sources confirmed the story.

As a candidate in the 51st Congressional District, Stephen Meade's politics are a dilemma.

He has no dollars to campaign. And his opponent, Democratic Rep. Juan Vargas, has the power of incumbency. Apparently Stephen’s been dressing like a dame for a long time. According to the Times story, Marilyn, 82, his wife of 40-plus years, is fine with his preference for dresses, footwear (he has 30 pairs) and flashy bling.

This all goes to show you that there’s never a dull moment in SoCal from Los Angeles south to San Diego, it’s a great place to live or visit.

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