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Elderly man found unconscious, apparent victim of 'knockout' crime

Police crime scene
Police crime scene packer

It's like a plague sweeping across our nation, black mob violence, and most mainstream media outlets aren't reporting about it. The latest apparent victim of the hateful crime described as the "knockout game" was a 70-year-old man.

The elderly man was found unconscious between two cars in the parking lot of a Denny's restaurant in Dallas. A manager of the establishment found, Charlie Pace, at 2 a.m. laying face-down, motionless and bleeding.

Officers who responded to the 911 call say they believe the elderly man was the victim of the crime which has been called the "knockout game." It's nothing short of a hate crime and is usually committed by blacks.

Breitbart News reports when the elderly gentleman, "gained consciousness, he revealed that he was struck in the back of the head by three men as he approached the restaurant."

This is apparently the second time in two weeks where two elderly men have been victims of the crime. Another elderly man, 69, was found in a parking lot of Campisi's restaurant which is only two blocks from Denny's. In both cases the men were approached by three men and attacked.

If you haven't heard about the "knockout game," it's no surprise because most media outlets are simply not reporting it. It's not a game but more like a blatant hate crime committed usually by two or more black youths.

The "game" is usually played by blacks and normally targets white people. However, other victims include Asians, Jews, and the elderly. The game is played by the criminals on an unsuspecting person. They approach the potential victim and deliver a blow to their head or face. The perpetrators are trying to knock the victim out with one punch.

Black mob violence has become so common in areas like Philly, that one author said it's 'now accepted as a normal part of life in Philly.' This crime has resulted in numerous deaths and serious injuries. In Oct. 2012, black thugs kidnapped and raped teen girls in Chicago.

Another incident of racial hatred by blacks against whites happened on Oct. 2012, when a combat veteran was out celebrating his safe return home. This Examiner reported the story about Tevin A. Geike who was enjoying a night out with his fellow soldiers.

Geike was with his friends, and he was walking back to his hotel room when he was murdered in a racial crime. The events unfolded in Lakewood, Wash. when five black thugs drove by and shouted a racial slur at the soldiers. The vehicle turned around and the black men got out approaching the soldiers.

Once the black men found out they were combat veterans they started returning to their car. That's when one of the black men bumped into Geike, who immediately fell mortally wounded, after being stabbed, to the ground. The aforementioned crimes are only some of documented black mob violence.

The remaining portion of this article contains some insightful thoughts by this Examiner about these crimes.

Christianity Examiner Commentary

Most of the media washes over the violence, making excuses for the black offenders and fail to report on the race of the attackers. Several black leaders have been silent on this issue which lends to the belief they don't care. The excuses made for these violent and racially motivated attacks are ridiculous.

An example in the absurd is when the city council in Wilmington, DE. Councilwoman Hanifa Shabazz said:

"There is a well known fact that the African-American community here in the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery."

Shabazz also said, "It appears to some that the black community is still suffering from traumatic syndrome of slavery." This is the kind of ridiculous excuses some in America are making for blacks who participate in mob violence."

WND reported that black mob violence is also being blamed on a "collective mental illness." When will the black community stop making excuses and take care of the problem? It appears that won't happen any time soon.

Hatred stirs up strife, it's constantly looking for occasions to provoke enmity. It's like pouring oil onto a flame it only makes the fire burn hotter and causes it to spread. A person whose heart is filled with hatred and malice against another will always stir up contentions and quarrels which in turn breeds violence.

Hatred keeps the need to inflict hurt alive. People with hatred in their hearts will seek opportunities to fulfill their appetite to hurt someone else. Whether or not the injustice done to them was real or perceived they seek revenge for that wrong.

Isn't it time to break the cycle of hate? The only way to do that is through love, the bible says love covers a multitude of wrongs. It was through the love of one man, Jesus Christ, that our wrongs were covered. Jesus’ love is the only proper response to hate.

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