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Elderly former service dog dumped at shelter to die

Defeated and sad Bruno
Defeated and sad Bruno

A post on Facebook today by "A Shelter Friend" included a plea for donations to help an aging former service dog, who had been dumped at a shelter to die. One look into the sad eyes of this gentle, sweet, and loving senior dog now named Bruno will melt even the coldest of hearts. In his own time of need, he had instead been severely neglected and thrown away. Advocates are asked to step up and help this 14-year-old senior dog, so he can get the medical care he desperately needs, and find a loving forever home to live out what is left of his life.

Senior Bruno in need of loving home

It was cold hearts who threw him away after years of faithful service. The County Shelter in Elizabethtown, NC contacted "A Shelter Friend", asking for someone to please help this poor old man before he was killed. He had arrived starved, almost blind from age and infections, with nails so long that they almost grew into his paw pads. He had been the devoted service dog for a handicapped woman until the day she died, after which he should have been retired and simply loved for the rest of his life. Instead, he was neglected and then dumped at the shelter to be killed.

The reports are that Bruno is gentle and loving, and only wants to be loved in return. This dedicated senior is just one of thousands being thrown away across the country. Every day on social media there are the pleas for help with senior animals who have been dumped at shelters by callous humans. Many are killed simply because they are not adopted in time, or because they have health issues the shelter cannot or will not take care of. They are forced to lie on cold concrete floors, with their aging and painful joints aching constantly. They are made to eat whatever food the shelter has, rather than the foods made specifically for seniors, which are gentle on those aging tummies. It is heartbreaking to see any animal thrown away, but the betrayal of throwing away these seniors is beyond comprehension.

If you can please find it in your heart to help Bruno to find his loving forever home, you can send your donations by clicking on the "Donate" button at the link provided at the end of this article, or send money to:

A Shelter Friend

P.O. Box 2893

Elizabethtown, NC 28337

(910) 876-0539 or

(339) 832-0806

A Shelter Friend is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit, and all donations will go directly towards the care of the animals. They are made up of compassionate and dedicated volunteers who have dedicated their lives to finding those second-chance homes for unwanted animals. You can find more information about this organization at their Facebook page linked below.

Stay strong Bruno. Help is on the way, and you will soon have that forever home, with a soft bed on which to lay your aging body, and good food to fill your belly. You will be loved and cherished for the rest of your life.

Donation link:

Click here at "A Shelter Friend" and then click on the "Donation" button at the bottom of the page.

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