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Elderly couple who surrendered their dog with heartbreaking note to be reunited

Harley's real name is Otto; his humans have been found and the family will be reunited at the end of the month.
Harley's real name is Otto; his humans have been found and the family will be reunited at the end of the month.
Leave No Paws Behind Facebook

Toby Wisneski of Leave No Paws Behind promised everyone there would be more to the heartbreaking story of a little dachshund abandoned outside of a Sun Valley, Calif. shelter. According to Wednesday's, the owners have been found, and the little dog and his humans of 13+ years will be reunited later this month.

Just a few days ago, the little dog Toby named Harley had been left in a basket outside of a dog shelter. A note explained that the dog was ill, and the seniors, on a limited income could not afford to care for him. They asked that the shelter put Harley to sleep.

With a heart as big as the State of California, Toby rushed to the shelter, picked up the little dog and brought him to the vet. Some excellent care and medication, the vets now say little Harley has a lot more life to live.

And then came word from Harley's humans. At first, afraid to come forward because of all the adverse publicity, the Christian ministers said they prayed for the right answer, and the next day called Toby.

They explained how they were traveling through California when their dog became sick. Knowing he was quite old and not having enough money to perform expensive skin tests on him, they asked the vet to euthanize their little canine friend. They cried their farewells, hugged and kissed him, and then came the news; the couple didn't have enough money to euthanize their dog. The vet wouldn't do it.

Hysterical at what had just happened, the couple wrote the note and left their dog outside of the shelter; they wished and hoped someone would help.

Toby is convinced the couple is sincere, and will be working to reunite them with their dog - who incidentally is named Otto Wolfgang Maximus.

On the Leave No Paws Behind Facebook this afternoon Toby posted the following message:

"Otto will be reunited with his loving humans later on this month and there will be full coverage! Otto will remain under the care of Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. and his humans will now join our network of life saving fosters. Otto will be checked on frequently and his medical treatments will continue through LNPB. This is an unusual rescue for us as Otto's human's are just outside of Ca. however we will be visiting them and doing our standard home check and continue to receive updates. He has been in their loving care for 13 1/2 years and, as we stated, has been very well taken care of and most importantly, loved. tw, LNPB."

Former vet checks on Otto show that he was well cared for in the past up; until a few years ago when the economy for the couple fell apart.

Although people are having different viewpoints as to whether Otto should be returned to the couple, everyone agrees that Otto deserves the best life he can get.

Best of luck Otto. You are one feisty little guy.

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