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'Elder Scrolls Online' won't require PS Plus but will require Xbox LIVE Gold

The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online
No PS Plus membership needed for The Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4. (ZeniMax Online)

ZeniMax Online confirmed details Tuesday on whether the Playstation 4 or Xbox One will require a premium service subscription for either console on top of the monthly subscription cost for The Elder Scrolls Online.

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Game Director Matt Firor announced that a Playstation Plus membership will not be required to play The Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4. However, ZeniMax confirmed in a follow-up with Joystiq that Xbox One owners will still need an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

Bethesda was previously in talks with Microsoft to allow Xbox One owners to play without an Xbox LIVE Gold membership but it is now clear that the console maker decided to stick with its existing policy of putting everything short of downloading console updates behind the Gold paywall.

The PS4 is also receiving a console exclusive beta though there is no announcement on when that may take place. Those interested should head to to sign-up.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently targeting an April 4 release on the PC and a June release on the PS4 and Xbox One. A monthly subscription for the game will be $14.99.

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