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'Elder Scrolls Online' to have 'premium customer service' at launch

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Fans of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls franchise have been waiting for an online multiplayer installment for years now, and will finally have their wishes granted when Elder Scrolls Online is released in the upcoming months. We had a chance to sit down with ZeniMax Online Studios' Matt Firor, who acted as the game's director, to ask about the development process. One thing we wanted to know was how he and his team are prepared to handle the inevitable post-launch bugs and customer concerns.

The Elder Scrolls Online is all about having a premium experience; from gameplay to customer service. So yes, we planned on having premium customer support from the beginning of the project, and put a lot of emphasis on best-in-class service.

After seeing many MMO titles launch with an abundance of problems, we're happy to see ZeniMax focus on offering support as soon as the game launches. Offering such support was most likely a costly endeavor, which may have led to the game's current subscription model. ESO is expected to launch for the PC and Mac on April 4th, with PS4 and Xbox One versions launching some time in June.

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