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'Elder Scrolls Online' PvP, map size and campaign info revealed

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New information about The Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4, Xbox One and PC cropped up in a Q&A session discovered Monday that clues gamers into items like how big the Player versus Player area is, campaigns and more.

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Lead PvP designer Brian Wheeler hosted a Q&A session at the Elitist Jerks forum which was then discovered by OXM. In the session, Wheeler revealed that Cyrodill, the region of the game where players can engage in PvP combat for control of the empire, is large enough that it takes approximately half an hour to walk from the north side to the south side.

Controlling Cyrodill won't be just a matter of man power either as the three alliances battle one another but a money and resource battle as well.

"Cyrodiil is not simply about fighting over Keeps and killing the enemy," Wheeler wrote. "It's an economic war as well. When a wall is destroyed, it has to be rebuilt, and rebuilding it costs gold and time. Your hard earned gold and efforts come into play not only keeping your lands safe and establishing beach-heads in enemy territory, but also hitting the enemy in the wallet! Let's say you're a small group and not enough to take a keep can setup some weapons and destroy wall sections that the enemy has to rebuild and spend gold or alliance points to do so!"

He also answered a question about the length and rules of competitive PvP campaigns.

"During Beta we have been using a 48 hour Campaign ruleset but standard Campaigns will last 3 months. We have the ability to make scoring changes and duration changes depending on player needs and we’ll analyze how scoring goes to determine if we need alternate rulesets with different duration, scoring, but also if we need to add player level restricted Campaigns or not. There really is a great deal of flexibility with the Campaign system, and we will be paying close attention to what players ask for to determine which Campaign rules we add," he explained.

For those more interested in look, Wheeler says that there will be armor sets and weapons in the Cyrodill PvP area "that aren't available elsewhere with a unique look to them and set bonuses, but they are not required to 'win' in combat."

Elder Scrolls Online is also being setup so that one of the three Alliances cannot dominate the other two in PvP.

"Simply put, if one Alliance has more Campaign points than the other two Alliances combined, the lower scoring Alliances get bonuses to their score against the higher scoring Alliance" Wheeler wrote. "If Daggerfall and Aldmeri were losing to Ebonheart for example, both Daggerfall and Aldmeri will get more points when they capture keeps, resources and Elder Scrolls native to Ebonheart, but also more points for holding their natively owned keeps."

The Elder Scrolls Online currently has an April 4, 2014 release date for the PC and Mac while the PS4 and Xbox One will receive it sometime in June 2014.

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