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Elder Scrolls Online: Players share the good, the bad and the ugly of the game

Elder Scrolls online, players talk the good, the bad and the ugly.
Elder Scrolls online, players talk the good, the bad and the ugly.

Elder Scrolls online beta period is coming to an end and now folks are talking about the Elder Scrolls experience and the pricing of the game today. Ben Kuchera from the website Polygon merged the good with the bad when his time with the game was critiqued in an article on Feb. 7.

Kuchera said "While I saw a solid and often enjoyable game, this isn't what I want out of a series. I am likely not alone in that regard." While others claim they saw the improvement after the beta weekend gave them a different look at the game.

Gamespots Kevin VanOrd writes that his first impressions of the Elder Scrolls Online was that it was a "product of old philosophies that the genre had outgrown" and that the game Elder Scrolls Online "looked and sounded dated." After playing a "good dozen hours" during the beta weekend, he had a renewed interest in the game.

VanOrd still holds on to the game being outdated, but with all the onscreen directions tucking themselves away, the series "high fantasy tone is front and center." This is where the "game excels," claims VanOrd.

What he also took away from his time exploring was that the "online environment dulls some of the shine." He wondered if it needed to be online at all. In comparison Elder Scrolls didn't offer that "larger-than-life feel" that he gets from Oblivion and Morrowind, VanOrd said.

Paul Tassi from Forbes pondered the price for this game as being a bit high for what it is offering. At $60 up front and then $15 a month, that racks the bill up to $240 the first year. Tassi suggests that the $60 up front is basically saying they don't hold out too much hope for folks to play Elder Scrolls Online past the first month. By charging the $60 upfront, "they're at least making something from it, even if the player cancels it right away," Tassa suggests.

There you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly of The Elder Scrolls Online. The good seems to be getting lost in your own world with very little distractions from online directions. The bad would best fit for the game's review that it "looks and sounds dated" and the ugly has to be that price!

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