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'Elder Scrolls Online' intros first Adventure Zone for groups

The Elder Scrolls Online launched for the PC only last week but Bethesda Softworks has already announced the first content update in the form of an Adventure Zone for the MMORPG.

Craglorn is the first Adventure Zone for The Elder Scrolls Online that will be provided via a free content update and is located between Hammerfell and Cyrodill. The zone is designed to support four-player quests for players level 10 and above. These quests take players through the main story of the zone which involves the constellations disappearing from the sky as well as the Warrior, the Thief, the Serpent and the Mage.

The content update will also introduce new Trials designed for groups of up to 12-players.

"Once you begin you'll have to overcome a lot of different challenges, such as environmental hazards," Creative Director Paul Sage explains in the developer video above. "There's a lot of different monsters we throw at you, and of course there are boss monsters that have interesting tactics that you haven't encountered anywhere in the game before. And if all the encounters and bosses weren't enough, you have a timer that you're up against and you also have a limited number of resurrections that your group is allowed."

The Craglorn update will be available as part of a content update later this month for the PC. The Elder Scrolls Online is also scheduled to be released to the PS4 and Xbox One this June.

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