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Elbert County Assessor Indicted

Elbert County
Elbert County
Photo courtesy: Wicked Vix Photography

Friday September 10, 2010

The 18th Judicial District DA Carol Chambers office released a statement this afternoon following a long Grand Jury investigation into the Elbert County Assessor, Phyllis Jean (P.J.) Trostel.

A Grand Jury was convened earlier this year and first reported by your Elbert County Examiner on May 29th.  The Grand Jury, which operates in secret, looks into allegations of guilt and can demand and review evidence etc..  Typically Grand Jury cases conclude with either an indictment as in this case, or simply close.

Following an approximately 4 months investigation, an indictment was returned today on 28 counts of embezzlement, forgery, theft and perjury against Mrs. Trostel who is married to the former chief of the Colorado State Patrol, Mark Trostel.   According to the press release from Carol Chambers' office, P.J. Trostel (53) stands accused of attempting to influence a public official in addition to embezzlement of public property.  She will appear in Elbert County District Court on September 20th.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Finally justice for Elbert County taxpayers! Does anyone really believe that Mrs. Trostel woke up in January and decided to become a liar and theif....oh wait innocent until proven guilty...but why lie to the Grand Jury if you are innocent...and why not pay the fair royalty why lie....she fooled soooo many people...and hurt so many espec. her own family.....and for what hair dye and sandals....what else is there that wasn't uncovered? What was her husband doing all this time?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I'm guessing Mark didn't have a clue what P.J. was doing. He must be embarassed beyond belief!