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Elaina Steinfurth update: Steven King indicted

Steven King mugshot
Steven King mugshot
Steven King / Lucas County Jail

Steven King, the boyfriend of missing Elaina Steinfurth’s mother, Angela Steinfurth, has been arrested. Speculation has been swirling around Steven King, and he has kept a low profile since the case hit the news, but now he has been indicted on obstruction of justice. Angela Steinfurth is also in jail for obstruction of justice.

Police claim that 23-year-old Steven King lied to them about Elaina’s mysterious disappearance, and a judge set his bond at $250,00. King denies that he lied to cops and says that he is innocent.

The big question is, why would Angela Steinfurth, or Steven King lie or attempt to mislead investigators if they were innocent? An obvious explanation would be that they are trying to cover their tracks and get the focus off of them.

Baby Elaina and her mother were staying with Steven King at his mother’s Toledo, OH home June 2nd, when Elaina was reported missing. Elaina’s father came to the home to pick up Elaina and her sister, however Angela only allowed him to have Elaina’s sister. Then Elaina’s paternal grandfather showed up to try to convince Angela to hand Elaina over, and that is when Angela came out of the house and declared the child was missing.

When Angela came out of the home to inform everyone that Elaina had vanished, Steven King mysteriously darted out the back door. Furthermore, a cellmate of Angela Steinfurth claims that Angela confessed to her that she wrapped Elaina’s body in a blanket and threw her into the Maumee river, and that King was present when she did.

People magazine interviewed Dennis Bolfa, a man who lives across the street from the King residence, he says that shortly after midnight, the day Elaina was reported missing, that Angela Steinfurth and Steven King slipped quietly into a van, drove off, and returned 15-20 minutes later.

There have also been allegations of Angela Steinfurth failing to seek medical treatment for alleged injuries that Elaina suffered before she vanished. A family friend claims that Angela informed him that Elaina had a black eye and bump on her head.

Last month a clump of hair was discovered in the Maumee river by a fisherman, the hair was sent off to get tested for DNA, unfortunately, Sergeant Joe Heffernan told HLN that the hair doesn’t have follicles attached to it, and that makes it difficult to recover DNA from the hair.

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