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El Toro at the South Point






“El Toro!” was the shout from the crowd at the South Point Casino on the Las Vegas Strip last night!

Don Bull Productions brought a touch of Mexico and Spain to Las Vegas with what has become a much looked forward to event for Mexican expats here in Las Vegas. Bloodless Bull Fighting! From the entry of the Matadors to the arrival of each bull, the crowd cheered on their favorites as they faced  six raging bulls  intent on charging the ever elusive cape in the capable hands of the Matadors.

"Any last request ?" Michele Aranda asks befort the 'fight'.

The show was a feast for the eyes for every taste, Michele Amanda –TV hostess who did the pre fight interviews won my heart, whilst my wife fell in love with at least two of the tightly clad Matadors! For my son – it was the bulls! It was a shame that more locals outside the Spanish community were not targeted in the pre show publicity. I heard about the event from my taxi driving son!

The pictures speak for themselves, and brought back memories of my year in Spain. Mijas Costa on the Costa Del Sol has the only square bull ring in Spain and was one of my favorite places to dine.

I believe the city should stage a parade down the strip of the Matadors and their bull’s before the next event and help insure that this cultural event continues to pack South point.

Check out for more information. You can read my poem “”El Toro” by following this link -

For the latest from South point visit -

Enjoy – Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD ( )


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