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El Torito's Stepped Up Its Game!

New menu items at El Torito!
New menu items at El Torito!
Charles Ryan

A few weeks ago Examiner Charlie Ryan was invited by El Torito to try out some recent additions to its menu - all hailing from the Baja region of Mexico (for those who don't know - that's the sliver of land directly south of California.) The new menu options exemplify a new direction for El Torito which involves going back to the start. The restaurant chain has begun to develop limited-time menus that celebrate and explore different regions of Mexico.

El Torito
Charles Ryan

For those who have been to Baja - you will know that cuisine from the area is typified by fish/shellfish, spicy kicks, and fresh ingredients. So how did El Torito translate those ideas into something both representative of Mexican cuisine but also new and refreshing? Menu items like - seafood ceviche tacos, and jalapeno bacon-wrapped shrimp.

And what would some delicious food be without some delicious cocktails? El Torito has plenty of options to satisfy your tequila cravings. Get yourself one margarita, or maybe two, or three........ (alas, this place introduced the margarita!)

So what should you try? What are the standouts?

The aforementioned seafood ceviche tacos are more than your average fish tacos. Sure, everyone's had your normal talapia - we get it. But at El Torito they have created this dish consisting of three tacos - one crab, one shrimp, one halibut. And each one is as good as the next - major props, however, for shrimp ceviche!

Also mentioned above - the jalapeno bacon-wrapped shrimp are something unto themselves. If you like spicy - like real spicy. That kind of spicy that comes in at the end and punches you in the face - this is what you should order! Trust that you will need the side of rice and vegetables to temper the heat!

These items started on a limited-time menu and were added to the regular menu after the love they received. Add on go-to standards like flan for dessert. Because, honestly, who can go wrong with flan?

Last week El Torito debuted its new "Comida Classica" menu which focuses on the ingredients and flavors that made the restaurant famous in the first place. This menu will be available in all 57 locations through March 10th! Some of the dishes that Examiner is DYING to try:

- Queso Fundito appetizer: because who doesn't drool at the thought of manchego cheese, chorizo, sauteed mushrooms, salsa, oh wait, and more cheese (cotija)

- Street Taco Trio: a must-try just by the name alone. (Will feature steak, carnitas, and chicken corn tacos.)

- Two new cocktails that beg a gulp: the Margarita Toreada featuring tequila, sweet & sour, and jalapeno (for those who like it hot.) The second is called the Fire Chata which is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and Rum Chata (surprise! More heat!!!)

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