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El Segundo Sol: Latin ‘Sol’ in Fashion Show Mall

Grilled Salmon tacos
Grilled Salmon tacos
Ben Brown

A beach-esque patio reminiscent of what you’d find in a Corona commercial paves the way for a festive, laid-back experience with prices to match. El Segundo Sol aims to keep it classy yet casual, serving up bold tastes and creative drinks without anything topping $20 [sans XL margaritas and pitchers]…a rarity on the Strip. While the menu is a bit limited [not much outside of tacos, fajitas and enchiladas], the place certainly sticks to its strengths. Whether people-watching from your seat overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard or at a booth near the elegant bar and dining space inside, groups are sure to find what they’re looking for at this south-of-the-border hangout.

The bar at El Segundo Sol
Ben Brown

Appetizers are huge bang for your buck here. For the same price you’d pay for some chemically enhanced slop at your local Chili's, you’ll be treated to a heaping bowl of tableside guacamole or a large plate of nachos. The chicken taquitos are a must-try, melding a special combination of jack and cotija cheeses with tender meat for a silky texture, wrapped inside a perfectly fried shell. Also check out the cheese crisps, essentially open-face quesadillas on crisp shells with a little butter for that much more indulgence.

El Segundo Sol prides itself on tacos, which come out with the tortillas neatly rolled inside an aluminum cup, the meat sitting on a bed of greens with rice, beans and chipotle cream sauce rounding out the plate. If Apple made tacos, this is how they would package them. The grilled fish and salmon are rich and juicy, packed with natural flavor and just the right amount of seasoning. Enchiladas won’t strike the same impression, so if you’re looking for something different try the fajitas.

There’s a margarita for any kind of palate attune with sweet and fruity. The Prickly Pair, ‘Mexelente’ Mango, Strawberry and ‘Big Stick’—made with Chambord and Midori—are definite highlights. The cucumber mint is a bit more sharp than refreshing, and the Sangria stands to improve [the restaurant also has a ‘Two Tone’ drink that combines margarita with Sangria…a bit overwhelming with contrasting tastes]. Of course the place also has a long list of tequilas and beers to choose from.

Dessert calls for tres leches cake, perhaps one of the best in the city, made with vanilla cake and exquisitely rich cream and caramel. Their double chocolate cake is amazingly decadent, covered in a wall of thick fudge.

El Segundo Sol is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m.-midnight [11 p.m. Sundays]. Out-the-door price for appetizer, entrée, split dessert and 1-2 drinks is ~$40/person. This review was comped. For reservations or more information call Hash House at (702) 258-1211 or visit El Segundo Sol online.