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El Paso's Own kind of Dinners Drive Ins and Dives

Look out El Paso....I'm coming for your food!! Thanks Lance for taking the pic!
Look out El Paso....I'm coming for your food!! Thanks Lance for taking the pic!

Get Ready El Paso!

 I Ray Jackson, El Paso's Videojournalist for The Examiner will be hosting a kind of show similar to the Food Network's; Dinners Drive Ins and Dives, showing up on,  YouTube or Vimeo soon.  By all means, I do not want to copy Guy Fieri, or his show.  All though it will have some similar segments, and order.  What else can I say I am a Big fan of Guy's shows, and a even Bigger fan of food.  Just ask the former morning show crew from KDBC 4. 

I have been working on some ideas, and spots to visit first.  But if you have that spot that you always see, and always wanted to try.  Shoot me an e-mail!!  I'll do my best to get the owners to let me and my cameras in to try out the place, and let you know what I think. I have gotten some past ideas from some of my facebook friends, I have a lot of places to check out.

If you yourself own a food spot let me know!!  I will go, check you, your food, and place out!  It would be a blast!!  I promise!  So if you all have any ideas on food spots in El Paso.  Hit me up, and I'll check'em out for you!  Wow I got a lot on my plate now (no pun intended). 


Food Spot Ideas e-mail them to :


  • FoodieGirl 5 years ago

    Really looking forward to your show! Be sure to check out the Lava Burger and De La Vega's in Las Cruces...Breakfast at The Shed in Las Cruces...and in El Paso, try the jalapeno Chilean Sea Bass at Giogesk's (sp?) off Mesa near UTEP.

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