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El Nino this summer has dramatic potential

Whenever there is an El Nino year, Hawai'i has a higher chance of hurricanes and the National Weather Service issued a warning yesterday that this could be the year for it. The atmosphere El Nino creates is perfect for hurricane formation in the North Pacific Ocean.

Hurricanes heading to Hawaii are taken very seriously, be prepared.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Hawai'i experienced major hurricanes during El Nino years, Hurricanes Iwa in 1982 and Iniki in1993. To residents who recall these hurricanes, it was no laughing matter as it causes much damage to the islands.

The National Weather Service mentioned some common occurrences during El Nino years:
• More hurricanes
• Little rainfall during the winter months
• Warm ocean waters

Whenever there’s a hurricane heading towards Hawai'i, many businesses will often board up their windows and doors and take extra precautions to keep their storefronts safe and secure. With high winds and potential flying debris, there is much at stake. Sometimes, power might go out, so the businesses need backup plans.

With the many small businesses in Hawai'i, each should take this El Nino watch and seriously make plans and instructions for all staff for when the time actually comes. It might be to just remind everyone of what to do, but definitely put everyone at ease so that they do not panic. Having emergency preparedness directions are necessary during hurricane season. While the National Weather Service will not have a definite answer on whether this is an El Nino year, they will have a better idea in a couple months.

Some tips on what each household might need in preparation of such an emergency, the National Weather Service has an informative and interesting document describing Tropical Cyclones.

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