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El Feca performs at Latin Music Networking Conference NYC

El Feca performs at Latin Music conference July 18
El Feca performs at Latin Music conference July 18
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There are many hip hop scenes growing in Latin America due to the constant migration of people from one country to another and it has greatly influenced the dispersion of cultures and music across the globe. In the music realm, Puerto Rican rap emerged as a form of cultural and social protest within the Puerto Rican context and with so much migration Latin America continues to make a substantial impact on music overall. On July 18, coming to NYC is Puerto Rican hip hop artist El Feca hit the stage at The Latin Music Networking Conference. I caught up with Latin Rapper El Feca for an Interview and here’s what he had to say.

The Latin Music conference features some of the hottest up-coming artists the event takes place at July 18 at Hudson River Café 697 W 133rd St NY 8pm. For more info go to

Getthebuzz716: How did you get started in music?

Elfeca: Since I was a child I would always walk around beat boxing or improvising, 7 years ago I wrote my first song, dedicated to my older daughter. I liked it so much I haven't been able to stop, ever since I've been pushing my love for music and talent to its max.

Getthebuzz716: What inspires your music?

Elfeca: My music is inspired by one of God's most flawless creations, women

Getthebuzz716: What are some the goals for your music?

Elfeca: My goals are to reach the top, by providing the best quality of music out there. I want to run my own label and become a good example for those on the grind

Getthebuzz716: Your cultural roots are from Puerto Rico how much of that influences your music?

Elfeca: Puerto Rico has everything to do with my love towards music, the island inspires pure passion there's so much beauty that lay in Borinquen (P.R.) even the frog's sing.

Getthebuzz716: Tell us about your recent video what inspired it and the song.

Elfeca: Well the video was shot in Sedona, Arizona, at Arroyo Robles Villas. It's basically narrating the lyrics to the song, through body language. Showing the feeling of not knowing how to forget the one you love. How hard it is to forget the good times and my inspiration is my current situation, I always write what my heart tells me.

Getthebuzz716:Now you are going to be performing in NY this coming July tell us about that and where can listeners learn more about your music and the El Feca movement?

Elfeca: It's a Latin networking conference at the Hudson river cafe , organized by Jay Alva and Stalin Nunez .they can find me on reverberation as EL FECA also check out the video FK Tu Cantautor Favorito – Pienso En Ti (Prod. By Aaron Nickels y Jetson)

Getthebuzz716:Now I am a huge supporting of the hip hop and history last question what does hip hop mean to you and if you can go back in time and collaborate with one of the legends who would it be and why?

Elfeca: Hip hop to me is a life style founded by realness, in which your personal struggle can be expressed and relate with others. Through out there talent and mastering the art of rhythm and rhymes and evoking true emotions and I would collaborate with Biggie Smalls the man was to ahead of his times

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