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'EJAbby' have sex on Days Of Our Lives

Well it happened. Shy and retiring little Abigail Deveraux and big, bad EJ Dimera hit the sheets and really had sex!

Ej and Abby

We know EJami fans have not been looking forward to this, but some fans of Days of our Lives thought this shocking occurence of "EJAbby"(James Scott) (Kate Mansi) doing the deed would be a good story.

EJ and Abby just could not keep their hands off of each other and ended up in bed. Afterwood, Abigail seemed to be in shock over her initiation of sex, after devouring EJ she said , “I have only been with two men in my entire life … and they’re brothers … and DiMeras!” “And now you feel you owe this weak-willed girl an apology? The girl who couldn’t resist your charm, and who can’t think for herself?’ EJ in shock himself answered , “Abigail, I saw you kneeling beside my brother stopping him from bleeding to death with you bare handss. Trust me! I don’t think you are some weak-willed little girl.”

Days has taken a big leap here, breaking up a much beloved,bad for each other couple. Neither knows the meaning of moral or law abiding and yet they are a perfect match, There is nothing they will stop at to get their way. Now Abigail the righteous and moral girl is added to the mix and one wonders how this will turn out. We know Sami will try to eat her alive, but do not be surprised if this little sex kitten turns into a tiger when attacked. All in all this should be great fun to watch.

Who will win EJami or EJAbby? Time will tell.

Days of our Lives can be seen on NBC at 1 p.m. weekdays.

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