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Einstein the dog running for mayor of Oakland

A shepherd mix dog named Einstein is campaigning to become the next mayor of Oakland, California. The only dog in the running, Einstein joins 20 humans in the race to replace Mayor Jean Quan.

Einstein is running for mayor of Oakland
Einstein for Oakland Facebook page

Einstein is no newcomer to political issues. The dog has been attending Occupy Oakland protests for some time now.

Entered into the race by Occupy Oakland, the future mayor hopeful has a Facebook page called "Einstein for Oakland."

His biography on the Facebook page starts off: "My name is Einstein and I am running for mayor of Oakland, California. I like to run. A lot! I mean A LOT! So make no mistake, I can make it all the way to the finish line, and I invite you to join me!"

A victim of Oakland Police brutality, Einstein is against, as the page says "Oakland City officials not doing their job, and police not being prosecuted for beating and killing innocent beautiful creatures like Alan Blueford & Gloria."

Einstein for Oakland writes that while participating in peaceful rallies and marches, along with humans, Einstein has been tear gassed, and a grenade exploded next to him. He has since been diagnosed with canine post-traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of what he has been through.

Included in his impressive campaign is that Einstein wants to make sure the Oakland shelter is a place where animals can expect kindness, care, and placement in a loving home.

Einstein is also campaigning for stronger weapon-control laws. He promises to "put his paw down" and stop the Domain Awareness Center, a "networked surveillance grid recording our every movement around the City, monitoring whether we are leashed and are wearing our City-mandated licenses." Oakland requires that all dogs have a microchip. "I also believe that human rights are not just for humans, all creatures have an expectation of privacy," says Einstein for Oakland.

Click here to read more about Einstein's busy schedule and see photos of the dog in action on the Einstein for Oakland Facebook page. Their website can be found here.

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