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Eighth Annual Jerry Brown Arts Festival

Face Jug byJerry Brown
Face Jug byJerry Brown
Candice N Griffin

For its eighth year, the Jerry Brown Arts Festival returns to Hamilton, AL.

Jerry Brown, a ninth-generation potter, lends his name and reputation to the arts festival that extends beyond Brown’s medium of clay into many other art forms including glass, fabric, pen and ink drawings, wood, and painting. The style of art is just as inclusive as the materials used. It seems every art form, every artist, and every visitor is welcome to this annual arts festival.

The festival welcomes its visitors with artists that are friendly and ready to talk with you about their art. Many artists also demonstrate their work. Jerry himself sets up his potter’s wheel to give his visitors a demonstration of his famous face jugs. Jerry’s other works are quite as clever as his face jugs. “Jonah and the Whale” is a long-bodies fish with Jonah sitting calmly inside. He also throws a popcorn bowl that informs you there “ain’t no more” when you reach the bottom of the bowl.

In addition to Jerry, the festival includes artists such as pen-and-ink artist Frank Andrus. As he travels around the state, he selects old bridges, water wheels, and buildings to set to paper. Ron Morris of Hartselle, AL, shares Jerry Brown’s love of clay as he tells all about his art.

Each year, the Jerry Brown Arts Festival grows in attendance, in esteem, and in the number of artists. For the second year Jerry’s festival has been named a Top 20 Event for March 2010 according to the Southeast Tourism Society. What started as one man continuing his family’s legacy, Jerry Brown has given his time and talent to continue that legacy beyond his family, to share himself with his state and his country.

The festival will be found March 6-7, 2010 at 1500 Military Street South, Hamilton, AL 35570 Click here for the map. For more information about the festival, click here.

You can see more of Frank Andrus’ work at and Jerry’s work at


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