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Eighteen Mile house

In the city of Harrison there is a historic house known as the Eighteen Mile House. The Eighteen Mile House is located between Harrison Pike and Patriot Drive. Originally built as a tavern, the Eighteen Mile house remains to have an unknown date when it was built and the architects responsible for this house too. It is believed that the house was erected sometime between 1800 and 1815. The two and half story house was constructed of brick and had a tin roof. Some distinctive elements that you can see on the house are gables on the ends and the interior chimneys rise above the gables. The house also has a two story porch on what is known as the western front of the house.

This house believe it or not was originally built on a toll road that is between Cincinnati and Brookville, Indiana. The name of the house comes from the house being eighteen miles from the city of Cincinnati when the city was in it's earlier years. When the tavern was first built it not only served as a tavern but as an inn as well. After it's earlier years it also operated as a post office. The house was eventually modified and expanded on the northern side of the house. The Civil War affected the house as well. Abraham Lincoln actually visited the house once and then Morgan's Raiders attacked the property middle of 1863.

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