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Eight tips to help recent college graduates find a job in the current economy

I graduated at the top of my class but still no one calls me for an interview. I submitted resumes to my top 20 companies, but still no interviews. My interviews went great, but no job offer.

If you feel like this, you are not alone. Many recent college graduates that are Millennials have been told they are in demand, they are sought after, their youth and talent is just what companies are looking for. Once they get a degree their opportunities are endless. This for the most part is true. However, as with most opportunities it’s all about timing, positioning and knowing the rules.

Many of the Millennials believe that all the opportunities are going to come to them or that they can step into a company and demand a certain salary level. The fact is it doesn’t work that way (there are a few exceptions). If you think that you will be making a six figure income straight out of college, you are mistaken. The average salary for a recent college graduate is approximately $46,000.

Recent college graduates face a recession stricken job market and have an uphill battle. Many are competing for entry level positions against professionals who have 10 plus years experience that have recently found themselves laid off.  How can a recent college graduate compete?

  1. Use the Career Services Department at your college
  2. Contact your alumni association
  3. Network
  4. Have people you know review your resume
  5. Practice interviewing
  6. Research the companies you are interested in working for
  7. Be persistent
  8. Always maintain a positive attitude

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  • Lorriame 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Katherine Opie 5 years ago

    Thinking and planning out your desired career path well before graduation happens is a big part of recent grad job hunt success in my experience as well. It is the recent grads with well thought out part time jobs/internships/volunteer experiences relating to their chosen field who stand out. Career Services and Alumni Associations are both good resources regarding internship and early career opportunities.

  • Eileen 5 years ago

    Great article Marquis :) Great tips.

  • matt 5 years ago

    Where did you find that graduation pic?