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Eight more things I have learned about living with the one I love - Six month edition

Welcome back to my journey through Living With the Boyfriend. In my last installment, I wrote about 8 things I had learned about living with the one I love. That was after the time frame of one month. Here it is a little over six months since Will's move-in date and it's just about time for an update on the lessons I have been learning. So, here, in no particular order, are eight more things I have learned about living with the one I love.

  1. Six months isn't enough time to be completely settled in to planned routines. I'm actually beginning to believe that we'll never be settled in to the exact routines we discussed. We're a heck of a lot closer now than we were five months ago though. It appears the real lesson here is that no matter how much you may plan before you get that place together, the routine will create itself as you go.
  2. The annoying things about your apartment will become challenges you can fix together. Ok, so this may not be true for everyone. Will and I, on the other hand, like trying to be handy around the apartment. And by "Will and I like trying to be handy", what I really mean is, Will likes to be handy while I stand around watching him and throwing in my usually un-needed advice.
  3. Having two of everything laying around can be both irritating and useful. Yes, I don't have to get rid of everything just because he's bringing in his own version of it. But let's face the fact that I am sick and tired of having an extra microwave sitting on the floor in the dinning room and an extra set of mattresses leaning against a wall in the bedroom so as to make it impossible to open the bedroom door all the way. On the other hand, if anything breaks, we'll likely have a spare.
  4. People are more likely to ask you when you're getting married. Seriously. It doesn't matter if you and your sweetheart have discussed this option or if you have agreed it will never happen. More people are going to ask this question. All. The. Time. Especially if you're the girl in the relationship.
  5. You will not be alone when you go through a personal tragedy. During my hiatus earlier this month, Will and I came home to discover one of my two beloved cats had died. Chee was my baby. She had been my companion since I moved out of my parent's place and into my own apartment. When summer break from college would come along and all of my friends would go home, Chee was there to keep me company. It broke my heart when we found her. I was thrown in to a fit of hysterics and I honestly have no idea what I would have done if Will had not been here. He helped me through that exceptionally difficult time. I never once felt like I was suffering alone.
  6. You will partake in whatever hobbies the two of you share even more than before. My Xbox Live gamer score has jumped by at least 2000 since Will got here (and considering it's not even at 6000 yet, that's a pretty large jump), I've read twice as many books as I normally do in six months, and I cannot seem to stop trying to find new recipes online.  I do all of these things to a much greater extent even if I'm not necessarily doing them with Will. Just having someone around all of the time that I can talk to about these little pastimes makes them that much more enjoyable to do.
  7. Those little annoying things you notice about your sweetheart...they still annoy you. But it still doesn't matter because you still love them...probably because of those little annoying things.
  8. Dates are still important. Go out and do things with your sweetie. Just because you see him every night at home doesn't mean you should stop seeing him every weekend at a nice restaurant or in a movie theatre. Find one of my Cheap Date Ideas and get out of your humble abode!

I said it in my one month article and I'll say it again here, I know there are still a ton of other things to learn. You should always make sure you're prepared when you and your love decide to try living together, but you should also be aware that there are just some things nothing can prepare you for.

If you decide that living together is the right step for you, check out the Lexington Apartment Guide to find just the right place for the two of you to snuggle up together!


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