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Eight best cities for cyclists

Cities for Cyclists
Cities for Cyclists

Bicycles aren’t just for kids anymore. They are being used more and more for transportation. Environmental, health, and economic concerns are driving this trend. People are biking for exercise to improve their health. Others are biking to get around because they can’t afford to drive. But the main reason to ride your bike is to lessen the environmental impact of driving.

For this reason, many cities are improving bicycle infrastructure. They are adding bike lanes, trying out bike sharing programs, and installing bike racks in order to encourage bicyclers to reap the many benefits of riding their bikes. Some cities are much more advanced than others in these efforts.

Portland, Oregon is referred to as the “King of Cycling” in the United States. Many other cities are modeling their efforts after Portland. San Francisco has the highest percentage of bike commuters per capita, and Tuscon Arizona has more bicycle infrastructure than any other city in the U.S. Check out this interactive infographic for more.