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Eiffel Tower nose: Chinese youth crazed by Eiffel Tower nose shape

People in China have become obsessed with having their noses slope like the Eiffel Tower. According to a report from GeoBeats, Chinese youth have been dishing out $10,000 to have nose surgery to get the desired look. Recent graduates seem to be really into getting the procedure done as many believe the look of the Eiffel Tower nose will help them land jobs.

Since unemployment among recent grads is at 10%, people seem to be trying whatever they can to help them find work -- and that includes shelling out thousands of dollars for plastic surgery. While you might this this is totally nuts, there is cause. Apparently some employers list physical requirements on their job boards and only hire people who possess certain physical qualities.

And so with demand comes supply -- many doctors offices are taking advantage of the strange requests and have put up billboards that feature a photo of the Eiffel Tower and a person's nose. One office is even running a contest of sorts -- a handful of patients will be selected to take their new noses to Paris, France.

Check out the video above for more.

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